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RGX Medical, a fun and rewarding event medical crew, is looking for an Administrative Coordinator / Personal Assistant / Kitten Wrangler to assist in project management, volunteer and staff coordination, and day-to-day operations. 

We operate in a COVID-safe work environment. Vaccination available. Note: This position is exclusively for individuals who live within 45 minutes of Burbank, CA.

We are looking for an individual who enjoys organizing things, keeping track of things, and anticipating and responding to what needs to be done. We’re specifically in need of someone who has excellent executive function and can assist with tracking moving parts in various areas of operation. This might include scheduling volunteers to work festival medical services, creating documents that help smooth out internal processes, or making sure that “buy groceries” is on the founder’s household to-do list.

We value working with folks who are actively engaged in processes of self-growth and self-exploration. We’re big on communicating needs and boundaries, reflective listening, and calm, patient responsiveness to occasionally hectic environments. We work in unconventional settings with unconventional people, and we need a team that understands the value of alternative lifestyles and can engage with them respectfully and curiously.

This is a dynamic position and the workload/pacing shifts from day to day and week to week. Assuring a steady completion of workload in a timely manner is key to success in this position. No medical experience or certification required. Knowledge of California festivals is a plus!

Onsite work in Burbank with some remote work possible. If the applicant is interested, on-site festival assistantship and logistics coordination work may be an opportunity.

Job Title:

Admin Coordinator / Personal Assistant / Kitten Wrangler


Part-time with possibility of full-time. Flexible. 3-4 days / week. 6-8 hours / day. Afternoons/evenings preferred. Daily email monitoring and response is required and can be completed remotely.


Tasks and Responsibilities:                                       

Please submit your resume to: logistics@RGXmedical.com

Feel free to reach out with any questions!
With Gratitude,
The RGX Team