Event Medical

RGX Medical employs a range of medical professionals to ensure the health and safety of your event staff, artists and participants. We have a highly trained staff of Medical Doctors, EMTs, Registered Nurses & Paramedics on site to provide first aid and emergency services 24 hours a day for the duration of your event. We also provide medical staffing for pre-event build and post-event strike.

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Harm Reduction

We understand that festivals can be overwhelming and overstimulating for attendees and individuals may need a space to process challenging experiences or have a quiet respite to calm down and gather their thoughts and feelings. RGX Medical’s harm reduction team offers a range of services including 24-hour peer support counselling, crisis intervention and mental health services.

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Set Medical

RGX Medical provides first aid and medical services to a variety of film and television productions. We are committed to ensuring the safety of your whole production team during filming and are able to provide our services in remote filming locations.

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